Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chickenhead’s Book Reviews – Puppet Shows by Michael Frissore

First of all, anyone picking up Ploppet Sows because they think it’s some kind of how-to on puppet presentation should save their hard-earned money. Other than one story about a bunch of flying sock puppets, there’s hardly anything about puppets at all. That was very disappointing.

Secondly, what is a short story but a novel the author didn’t have balls enough to finish. Really? There are thirteen whole stories in this measly book? Well, unlucky for you, my friend. I get lost reading new sets of characters every eight pages, junior. Keep me interested, for Pete’s sake.

I started reading these “short stories” and, sure, they were funny, but not funny ha-ha, if you catch my drift. I mean, a talking monkey? Stop it. Is that supposed to be hilarious? Not in my book, pal. First of all, monkeys don’t talk. Second, this isn’t Animal Farm.

All in all, if I’m going to read a short story, mister, it should be at least 20-25 pages and about a man or woman who has a disease and kills him or herself by walking into the ocean. That’s a story.

So thumbs down to Poopet Shoes. You want funny, go read some Christopher Moore. Now, that’s a funny fellow fit for the whole family. That’s right. Alliteration at no extra cost to you.

One BAWK out of five.

Good day.

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