Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nonsensical Conversation Between Two Dummies

Today we look at Chickenhead's silly battle between Spielberg and Kubrick.

March 6, 2001

"That movie sucks!" I said.
"What?" Sam was shocked. "How can you say Close
Encounters sucks?"
"Chode Encounters of the Terd Kind sucks."
"Okay, what are you, seven, Beavis?" I was only trying
to get a rise out of him. I had never even seen this film.
"And you know what else sucks? E.T," I kidded.
"And Spielberg's a hack." Now I really had him pissed.
"You dirty bastard. You are completely insane."
"Calm down, Dawson," I tried to maintain control.
"By the way, 1941, what the hell was that?"
"All right, just stop!" He was really upset. Spielberg
was a very touchy subject with him. Perhaps I had taken
it a bit too far. Touchy bastard.
"Sam, I'm sorry," I said. "I took things a malenky bit
too far. Spielberg's obviously a great filmmaker."
"You're right." he replied. "You did take it a malenky
bit too far. Oh, and A Clockwork Orange and Stanley Kubrick
suck big time."
I punched him square in the face.

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